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Is Aging Reversal Possible With GH3? (part IV)

Chapter 10 from "Nutrients to Age Without Senility" by Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. and Morton Walker, D.P.M

The GH3 formula revealed:

Dr Aslan GerovitalDr. Aslan's precise formula for the GH3 therapy has been clouded in an aura of mystery. When she spoke before the conference on Geriatrics in San Francisco, there were confusing reports concerning her formula. One report stated her handwriting was so illegible and her command of the English language so limited, the physicians and scientists in attendance did not understand her. The other report stated she simply refused to make her formula public. Dr. Bucci, conversing with Dr. Aslan in French, was told the formula consisted of the following ingredients: 0.3 percent potassium salt, 0.3 percent sodium salt, and 0.3 percent benzoic acid as a preservative. Dr. Aslan stated that the procaine action is greatly enhanced by the addition of these ingredients.

The GH3 formula used by Dr. Aslan in treating thousands of patients over the past ten years is a 2 percent solution of procaine available from most pharmaceutical supply houses, with a pH factor between 3.5 and 4.0. The original GH3 substance had a pH factor of between 4.2 and 5; however, this has been reduced by modification to 3.7. A substance with a pH of 7 is neutral (neither acid nor alkaline). Below the factor of 7, the substance takes on an acid activity while above the 7 factor, it has alkaline characteristics. Experiments have proven that if procaine's pH factor is reduced, it loses some of its anesthetic value; however, procaine's effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is more effective.

The lower pH factor of the GH3 compound is believed to be one of the reasons there are no side effects of allergic sensitivity to most patients. Dr. Aslan has suggested that any competent doctor can administer the GH3 therapy following the procedure set forth by her in any one of the papers published on the subject. She, however, warns not to use special solutions of Gerovital H3 containing other drugs than procaine, such as adrenalin, in the GH3 treatment. There have been many procaine preparations developed in other countries with slightly different composition. In West Germany, a combination of procaine, rutin, and vitamin B-12 is called Prokopin-G or Ruticain. In Switzerland, the solution has been called Procaine Vifor. Greece's procaine injection has been labeled Procaine Minerva. Spanish pharmaceutical houses have called the solution Trophomorina-H3. Compensol and Gericain are the trade names in Argentina. In Brazil, it is called Gerontex-H3. Equador doctors know the procaine solution by the name of Juventocain.

The Rumanian chemical export company calls its procaine solution by the name of Gerovital-H3. There is a solution composed of dimethylaminoethanol and para-aminobenzoic acid, folic acid, several vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and other substances called Gerioptil. Its oral counterpart is called Gerioptil plus H3. [In the U.K. Gerovital H3 (GH3) pharmaceutical grade].

Good nutrition is needed with Gerovital H3 (GH3):

Further research and study into GH3 therapy as a counteraction against the aging process has given rise to the fact that proper nutrition and mineral supplements to the GH3 adminostration could be beneficial. The results of extensive tests among the aged population have shown that growing old is more than a decrease in certain functions; it is also a result of biochemical imbalance. Correct nutrition and minerals, which are enzymes needed for healthy cells, help bring about a biochemical balance.

This theory is supported by Cecelia Rosenfeld,. M.D.In a lecture before the Humanist Council of Southern California, Dr. Rosenfeld stated that by combining GH3 therapy with nutritional guidance, excellent results were achieved; and in many instances, patients recovered with fewer series of treatments and in less time. Although GH3 therapy can alleviate or retard diseases of the aged, such as arthritis, arteritis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, stomach ulcers, scant or blurred eyesight, ringing in the ears, noises in the ears, hard-of-hearing, certain heart conditions, alopecia, and many other conditions, Rumanian doctors and Dr. Aslan state that GH3 treatments are not the panacea or cure-all for the aged. American doctors also have pointed out that there are failures as well as successes with GH3 therapy.

The Rumanian scientists and doctors do not claim 100 percent favorable results. There are many years of research ahead to perfect the treatment; perhaps, this means cutting down not only the length of time of the treatments but the expense factor too. Dr. Aslan's GH3 therapy may eliminate the fear of senility and the unproductive existence of people attaining advanced age. Everyone has the right to live longer, enjoy life, view life with happiness, be free of senility, and free themselves of the tensions of aging. The aging people can overcome the fears of advancing age, dependence on their children, charity or sanitariums.

The ever-increasing aged population and those nearing middle age would take a more active and happier role in society. Cell regeneration and the regeneration of damaged tissues would retard the negative aspects' of the aging process. This could very well be the breakthrough long sought by medical science in its continuous fight against aging, and the ailments and diseases associated with advanced age that afflict the human body.


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