GH3 Gerovital - frequently asked questions

1. Are there any side-effects using GH3?

2. Are there any adverse interactions with other medications?

3. Are there any risks for overdosing GH3?

4. Cancer: does GH3 cure it?

5. Are there any allergies caused by the use of GH3?

6. Are there any physical/psychological reactions?

7. Why does depression go away using GH3?

8. When do you start taking GH3?

9. Is the GH3 phenomena nothing more than "placebo effect"?

10. Neurological diseases: are there any benefits achieved by GH3 usage?

11. What is the correct description for GH3, is it a drug or a vitamin?

12. What if no change is felt say, after one month?

1. Through the 48 years of research and usage, it has never shown adverse side-effects.

2. Where other medication has a sulphur base (some antibiotics for instance), GH3 has been found to neutralise them.

3. Research shows that even when laboratory rats were given 60 times the normal daily dose, they suffered no side-effects. Bear in mind that when a product is "natural"; that is to say its active ingredients are natural to the body, the immune system provided by the body will eliminate unrequired excess quantities. With an "unnatural" product (many drugs for instance) the body has no defence against them, and may well suffer irreversible damage and even death.

4. No! Research shows that laboratory rats first treated with GH3 successfully resisted attempts to establish the disease in them through the injection of live cancer cells.

5. The Romanians researchers indicate that 1 person in 6,000 is allergic. The allergy is not severe; usually just a prickling sensation of the skin and a slight rash.

6. Research shows that some have a mild headache and slight feeling of nausea for two to three days. This is explained as arising from the system "adjusting" to the new input and in particular being detoxified by the potent antioxidant element of GH3.

7. The depression in old people is often caused by a build up in the brain of a substance called MAO. This is a vital substance to the body's correct functioning, but when it is present in excessive quantities depression follows automatically. The DEAE factor in GH3 balances MAO out to a correct level thus overcoming depression. It is the only "safe" product capable of doing this without damaging the mechanism which produces MAO.

8. According to Professor Aslan GH3 will not pass the placental barrier, which she considered unfortunate, because "it could only benefit the unborn infant". However, as it will stimulate the healthy condition of the mother, this in itself will obviously benefit the baby.

9. In individual cases, the placebo effect is a factor in all forms of medication and treatment, dependant on the patient's susceptibility to suggestion. Obviously GH3 is no different in this respect. However, as research shows conclusively that many patients suffering from complete senility have "come back" to total mental recall after receiving GH3, it is reasonable to assume that the placebo effect was not present in their cases. They had in effect "no mind" on which it could work. (Aslan 1972).

10. There are many recorded cases of significant benefits with this type of problems. GH3 appears to have a particular affinity for nerve tissue and has on many occasions achieved results without side-effects, in advance of alternative treatments. (Aslan 1972).

11. It is neither. It is specifically a nutrient, which operates in exactly the same manner as any other food, i.e. by being absorbed into the circulatory system, thereby enriching the blood in a manner which stimulates cellular growth and well being, thus strengthening the myriad systems within the body - not forgetting the immune system which is designed to resist infection.

12. Metabolism and absorption rates differ from person to person. An intestinal cleanser might clean the colon and intestine to a greater extent, so GH3, or any other medication for that manner, could be more effectively absorbed into a cleaner gut.


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